Villainy Legacy is the story of Darhk City. A city with a Dark and dangerous cultural skyline. Even at its darkest, the city brings hope to those that still believe it can be saved and has a general purpose in the world. Some see it as a criminal infestation. Others see it as their homeland for generations before them.

VIllainy Legacy is a series of films designed to immerse you in a world that seems similar to your own life, yet errily un predctable and ominously unrealistic.


What is Villainy?

You may think that villainy is the act of performing terrorizing crimes against the peaceful balance of human life. However, in a world where everyone is a VIllian, the truth of right and wrong has its own perspective.

Who are the Villains?

A true villian is anyone that is an enemy of your own personal mission. If you are prosecuting memebers of the SYNDICATE, you are the villian. If you are a man conning the Founding Families, you are their villain.

WHere is Darhk City?

Darhk City is located in Vae'il County. It is a Penninsula.

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